Data Centric Business Services

Businesses, even micro-businesses, generate reams of data. Every check, purchase order, sales order, and invoice carries multiple pieces of data. It’s not just numbers, but inventory items, customer sales histories, payment terms. On the accounting side, there are debits and credits and each of those, in and of itself, is a small bit of information. Together, it tells the story of your business.

Data is not useful if it is not clearly organized and presented in such a way that it can be understood and used for decision making. We work with businesses to understand, manage and utilize their own unique data.

Proper small business accounting is customized for  unique operations and goals of a company.  Everything, from the chart of accounts, to each bit of transactional details needs to be structured to meet the needs of the business and to provide meaningful reporting that can be used for standard financials reviews, tax preparation budgeting and forecasting, Conscious bookkeeping means understanding the business and building a unique framework grounded in data.

Of course, a company must have a lot more than their accounting structure in place. Operating a business in California requires navigating and staying current on regulatory filings.  Every enterprise is unique, with its own challenges and solutions.

We offer a range of services from standard bookkeeping, back-end set up and implementation of third party applications, to organizational consulting, training, forecasting, budgeting and planning.