About US


All members of CL Goddard Financial handle standard bookkeeping, payroll and regulatory tasks and work with clients one on one. Each of us brings our unique history and talents, which creates a strong, interdependent network of skills for meeting our clients’ needs.

A Team Of Professionals

Cyndi Goddard

Founder, small business consultant, strategist, and QuickBooks coach. Cyndi began her career as controller for a multi-entity brokerage and asset management firm. She worked directly with the president, who taught her best practices in the extremely well-regulated and frequently-audited financial industry. In her position as CFO with an internet start-up, Cyndi realized how much she enjoyed the entrepreneurial energy. She has worked with VCs and incubators where she learned the ins and outs of writing business plans. Cyndi has built her own small business working with companies in a variety of sectors, from economists to dance companies, fashion to food. In over twenty years as a small business financial systems consultant, Cyndi has developed a unique approach that combines the personal touch with an emphasis on process and analysis. Along with her experience and expertise, Cyndi brings business intelligence solutions to micro-businesses.

carol stern

Second most seniority – Full charge bookkeeper, handles accounts that require full-service, on-going accounting and communication with our clients’ vendors, customers and employees. Carol is meticulous and detail oriented, understanding that every transaction is a piece of data that adds to the overall picture of a business. She specializes in the use of QuickBooks functions such as customer and job typing, classes, custom fields, item coding, all with the goal of providing clients with customized job-costing and resource allocation reports. With over fifteen years of experience working with a variety of industries, Carol has seen and dealt with workers’ comp audits, state auditors and other government requests. In order to provide our clients with a back-office without the expense of on-site employees, Carol works with multiple email addresses, such as [email protected]. She has more aliases than a james bond villain.s.

laura francisco

Clients love Laura. Smart, organized, precise, Laura is a creative problem-solver. She created and maintains our database of regulatory filings for our clients – from city licenses and county property taxes, sales tax, statements of information, CA annual minimum tax and llc fees, and payroll filings. She handles more filings than the rest of the staff combined. She’s our organizational whiz and an excel master. Laura tracks our clients’ ecommerce sales across multiple platforms — from Shopify to Amazon, Paypal and Square, Wix and Etsy. Not even the intricacies of Groupon and local coupon campaigns can shake Laura’s equanimity. In addition to handling the books of many of our clients, Laura generates monthly and quarterly financial and sales reports while keeping her eye on cash flow and helping clients adhere to budgets. Laura graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in ecology. She loves animals and was instrumental in training our office dog.

jack sandage

 The youngest member of our team, Jack is already changing the game for us and our clients. His areas of interest include business intelligence and data management. Jack understands that data is only as good as the sources it is derived from. He has learned to navigate the ecommerce sites our clients partner with in order to extract real data for use in projections and costing formulas. Jack is our projects person. His most recent project was researching MRP systems for a small manufacturer who spent too much of their resources on the sourcing process and the calculation of costing and inventory tracking. After an initial discovery phase, Jack tested several possible solutions before recommending then implementing the MRP solution. He also trained our client’s staff on its use and continues to work with them to get the most our of the program. He used a similar approach with the implementation of an EDI system that interacted with QuickBooks. Like Laura, Jack is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, where he received his degree in Environmental Studies. He is continuing his education through coursework with IIBA and PMI.