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Business Accounting Services


Small Business Accounting Services:
Everything from full-service bookkeeping to financial interpretation

There are standards in accounting, which we meet (GAAP) while keeping in mind that each business, and its owners, is unique, with different needs. A consulting business usually requires much less bookkeeping than a wholesaler, which, in turn, is less involved than a manufacturing business.

We grow our services with your business needs. We’ve helped micro-business move from the owner’s garage, to an office space, to adding a single employee to tens of employees, salaried and hourly. You may expand from services into product offerings, move from importing to manufacturing or vice versa. Your business is always changing and we work with you to customize our services to your business.

Forensic Accounting

Review and analysis of historical data, error and fraud detection, evaluation and data correction

Tax Ready Accounting

Presenting your CPA with financial reports and all the supporting documentation they require for filing your business tax return and estimates not only saves you money and time, it will keep your relationship with your tax professional cordial. The CPAs we work with know that they will receive the books ready for filing.


We handle registering with the EDD and EFTPS and provide the forms for onboarding new employees.


Understanding your monthly nut is essential. We work with our clients to analyze fixed vs. discretionary costs, create budgets and review actual costs to budgeted with in-depth analysis of variation.

Full Service Bookkeeping

Standard bookkeeping functions — Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Banking and credit card transaction entry, Reconciliation and Reporting

Regulatory Filings

We have decades of experience keeping our clients compliant with state and local regulatory agencies. The state of California has multiple taxing and regulatory agencies that small businesses must contend with. We’ve worked with them all – the EDD, FTB, SoS, CDTFA and local governments.