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Bookkeeping the Old Fashion Way

In my first job, I was required to provide the boss an income statement and balance sheet for the business at the end of every month. We wrote checks by hand, with carbon copies of all checks and deposits. At the end of the month I would enter the month’s check in the general ledger in the appropriate expense category then total the categories on an adding machine. I always ran a tape, and had to keep running it until I had two with the same totals. I stapled the tapes to the general ledger for proof that the totals were right. I did the same for all deposits, recording the customer’s name, check number, and the check amounts in one of two income categories.

At least, this is how I was trained. Very quickly I grew tired of all that hand entry and began to use a spreadsheet — PlanPerfect, I think it was. Read More …


A couple of days ago I had a call from one of my QuickBooks for the Mac users. Patty is a terrific lady who took the reins of her family business and finances when her husband retired. Over 5 or 6 sessions together we set up the books in QuickBooks on her new Mac and I taught her how to get around in the program and how to run the reports I had created. It was pretty basic bookkeeping — cash based, no invoices, no inventory, everything straight forward. Patti got a handle on things and was meticulous about entering everything into the books, and enjoyed doing it.

She had been running her books on her own (flying solo) for a couple of months when she called and left a message saying that she was having problems with reconciliation of the bank statements. She said there were duplicate checks in the register, and wanted me to drive up to her office and help her figure it out. Read More …

The Right Fit

I recently met with someone looking to change bookkeepers. Before taking on a new client, I try to determine if my services, experience, and style of interacting are appropriate for the business and the owner. After almost twenty years working with a variety of businesses and CPAs, I have a strong background and a lot of knowledge. But that doesn’t mean I am right for every job that comes along. Thus, an in-depth discussion of the client’s business, needs, and expectations is the first step in establishing a working relationship.

The first thing I ask is what bookkeeping or accounting system is being used. I specialize in QuickBooks, and although I have used other programs, I won’t do books on any other system these days. I have several reasons for this — the main one is that I’m good at QuickBooks and feel I can offer real value in every area from implementation and training, to data entry and reporting. Read More …